In 1976, eight Head Start mothers living in West Denver founded what would become Mi Casa Resource Center. They did not have a name for it just then, but they had a clear vision of its purpose as a place for women who wanted more for themselves and their families. They sought a safe and supportive environment where women could complete their education and acquire new employment skills while their children received help and encouragement in school. By 1978, there was a name for this vision – Mi Casa Resource Center for Women.

As Mi Casa grew and developed, we recognized the need for programs to advance economic self-sufficiency for the entire family – not just women. In 2008 the agency altered its mission to reflect an expanded target population. Mi Casa’s new mission statement – to advance the economic success of Latino families – honors the vision and commitment of the organization’s Founding Mothers.

At its inception in the late 1970s, Mi Casa began offering job-training programs for women to help them break into higher paying jobs traditionally filled by men. Recognizing self-employment as another viable route to economic stability, Mi Casa expanded in the mid-1980s to include bilingual business development services to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of Latinos living in Denver’s thriving Hispanic communities. And in the late 1990s, Mi Casa responded to the need for enrichment programs during out-of-school time by opening a school-based neighborhood center at a middle school in northwest Denver and other school-based academic and enrichment programs for middle and high school youth.

Today, Mi Casa continues to work toward its mission through an integrated program strategy of Career, Business, and Youth & Family Development services. Mi Casa believes that when members of a family have realistic opportunities to pursue professional, educational and entrepreneurial advancement – within a culturally responsive and supportive environment – the cycle of poverty will be broken.