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Mi Casa has over 35 years of experience managing complex financial information and organizing it in a way that is functional and useful. Let us help you with the operation and management of your business. We have the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge of accounting services for both for-profit and nonprofit entities, and our service delivery is professional, fast, and cost-effective.


Ken Lyon, VP of Finance and Administration
303-539-5607 | klyon@MiCasaResourceCenter.org


Accounting & Bookkeeping 

Maintenance of daily accounting needs:

  •     Invoices and statements
  •     AP, AR, cash receipts and
  •     disbursements
  •     Bank reconciliations and reports

Payroll and compliance reporting:

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Filing all recurring reports

Advising & Coaching

Budget preparation:

  • Annual budgets
  • Customized budgets

Capacity building:

  • Training for your staff
  • Training for your board
  • Attendance at board meetings