Deon is passionate about computers and aviation, but he didn’t always have an outlet to explore his interests. As a middle schooler, Deon came to the Mi Casa Neighborhood Center nearly every day after school. At Mi Casa, Deon learned about computer programming and career planning, which will come in handy on his journey to become an aviation engineer.

Deon’s passion is working with his hands, and the computer programming instruction he gets after school at Mi Casa has opened new doors for him. With the help of career exploration activities and field trips, Deon is looking forward to combining his passion for airplanes and computer programming into a career in aviation. He knows he needs to focus on math and technology to get there, so he spends time after school in Mi Casa’s Homework Zone, studying up on tough math concepts.

“I didn’t really think of myself as a leader before this,” Deon says. “But after what I’ve learned at Mi Casa and the experiences I’ve had, I realize that I am a leader, and that makes me feel really confident.”